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Bob Barr Polling at 6% nationally according to Rasmussen

A few weeks ago it was at 4% now it’s at 6%! We’re making strides, if we can get that up to 8 or 9% by the time the major parties have their conventions Bob could into the debates and let the whole world see the libertarian perspective on the big stage. Very exciting. Here is the link


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Limbaugh coming out against the neocons?

My line of work affords me ample opportunity to listen to the radio. I was cruising the stations on Friday and came across Limbaugh’s program. I listen in occasionally to see what he’s ranting and raving about. Sometimes it gives me things to write about on this blog. I don’t agree with alot of his positions but he can be entertaining at times. Much to my surprise at approximately 12:30 eastern time yesterday he went into a tirade against neocons! He didn’t mention anyone by name I don’t think but said something along the lines of “Neocons have infiltrated the republican party and are destroying it”. He said most of them are “former democrats” and other big government “compassionate conservatives”. I find that amusing because Bush described himself has a “compassionate conservative” when he was running in 2000. And Limbaugh is always making excuses for W. Think maybe Rush has finally seen the light? I don’t know. But one can only hope. I know from years of on and off listening that he is a “Goldwater conservative”. So I hope his values finally won out over party loyalty. Like him or not he has alot of pull with people. When he speaks his mind alot of things he says sound like things Ron Paul says except for the war on terror and other “social conservative” things. But he would never admit to liking Ron Paul. They would drum him out of the party and insert Sean Hitler Hannity in his place. I only caught the last 60 seconds or so of this tirade against neocons so if anyone heard the whole thing please comment below or if you have audio post a link!

Also on another note Rush fielded a call from a woman the other day, Wednesday or Thursday where the woman said something along the lines of “Instead of operation chaos (Limbaugh’s attempt to keep Hillary in the race) you should be having all of us switch our party affiliation to Libertarian”. Rush, sounding a little like Ron Paul and said (paraphrasing) ” I don’t think a third party is the answer we need to fix this from the inside” then he lamented on the direction the republican party is going in and talking about needing to fix it while not really going into any great detail.

These are just a few interesting things I heard from a guy I thought was onboard with the neocon uprising. If Rush keeps this up it could spell doom for McCain. His listeners are very loyal and will do just about anything he wants. If he keeps going on like this people will leave McCain and where will they turn? Probably to Bob Barr!

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Bob Barr vs. the radical Libertarians

I’ve seen alot of blogs on the internet by hardcore radical LPers suggesting they wont accept Barr as the nominee. I find this to be ridiculous. Has Bob done things in the past that aren’t libertarian? Absolutely. Does he hold some positions now that aren’t 100 % in line with the LP? Yes.

Is he our best chance for achieving legitimacy in the eyes of millions of voters? YES! Like it or not Americans will never take us seriously until we achieve some level of success. Bob will deliver far more voters than we’ve ever had. If his polling numbers are good he could sneak into a debate. In the 2 days since he’s officially announced his candidacy he’s garnered more media attention than the LP has had since the 80’s. In the past two days Bob Barr has had stories written about him in every major newspaper in the country. He’s been on the nationally televised Glenn Beck program on headline news. Glenn said he’d like to have Bob back to go more in depth in the future. He’ll make more “talking head” show appearances in the coming weeks i’m sure. There is no one else who can deliver our ideals to the masses the way he can. I like Ruwart personally, but if we run her what happens? Another 400,000 votes and what? The same old dog and pony show we always get from the major parties. I say make Mary the veep so that when people take a look at Barr, they will look at her too and can see the “radical” point of view.

 We have a handful of mayors and city councilmen in office but that means squat in changing the course toward totalitarianism that we are on now with the major parties. Ross Perot was able to tap into a large amount of dissatisfaction with the major parties back in the 90’s unfortunately for him he was unable to capitalize on it afterwards. His party imploded when it was invaded by Pat Buchanan. Our party is established, We’ve been around for 37 years. We have the capability to transfer large amounts of public interest into future success. We can’t pass on this opportunity. We can no longer afford to sit on our high horses and laugh at the idiots who are destroying this country while we slide deeper into socialism. Bob Barr gaining success and notoriety on our behalf can only help us in the future.

 The time to act is now! Ron Paul opened the door now we need to rush in before it closes.

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Bob Barr makes it official!

As I’m sure most of you have heard by now Bob Barr WILL in fact be running for president on the Libertarian party ticket. As a Libertarian I am very excited about this, the media attention from today alone has eclipsed media coverage of a Libertarian candidate for as far back as I can remember (about 10 years).

We finally have a avenue to expose people to what we believe in. We have a opportunity to disrupt the two party monopoly in our nation.

While I seriously doubt he can win. A good showing will expose alot of people to what we believe in and will force Libertarian candidates and beliefs to be taken seriously in the future. As well as helping out with those ballot access problems we have.

And for those who would say he is nothing more than a spoiler for McCain, It will help you in the future maybe next time you wont nominate a nazi and you wont have a candidate for freedom stealing your votes.

Read the AP story at this link

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The reasons that marijuana should be legal

Before you dismiss me as some pothead just take a second to read what I’m writing. I do not use marijuana or any other illegal drug. Budweiser and Marlboro’s work just fine for me! The line of work I am in requires random drug testing, and I like money more than I like getting a buzz.

The fact that our government is spending billions upon billions of dollars to chase after people who like to smoke a little dope before they hit up the taco bell drive through is ridiculous. If a grown adult chooses to smoke their braincells away why shouldn’t they be permitted to do so? It’s their brain and their problem. Alcohol also destroys brain cells. It also destroys marriages, friendships and alot of people’s lives in general but they can have commercials on TV!

You may be yelling at your computer screen by now “WHAT ABOUT OUR KIDS DIPSHIT!!” “MARIJUANA IS A GATEWAY DRUG!!!!” To that I would say, You’re right. It is a gateway drug. 

Do you know why so many teenagers use marijuana? Because it’s easier for them to get a bag of weed than it is a wine cooler! If you go to any high school, public or private I guarantee 90% of the kids know who to go see if they want to buy some pot. While maybe 20% of the kids may have a connection to get alcohol. These stats are simply based on my memories from about 10 years ago when I was in high school. And I went to school in a good neighborhood also.

If you legalize marijuana and sell it at 7-11 who of legal age, be it 18 or 21 is going to buy it from the dealer on the corner? No one! The corner dealer makes a high % of profits on weed, and benefits from marijuana being a gateway to other things. But if marijuana is sold in the store, HE GOES OUT OF BUSINESS! He’ll have to get a real job. That guy on the corner won’t be able to survive without selling marijuana, he’ll be done for.

The government needs to quit wasting our tax money and reevaluate the laws on the books.

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Could Bob Barr win it all?

There is a scenario that has been going on inside my head where it may be possible for potential Libertarian party candidate Bob Barr to win the election this year. I know it’s far fetched but just hear me out.

If Hillary Clinton makes a strong showing in the democratic primaries tomorrow she will gain even more momentum going toward the convention. If she keeps it tight and loses by a narrow margin at the convention she could continue on as a independent candidate. We all know she’s a very headstrong woman that doesn’t easily put aside her political ambitions. She did stay married to Bill after all the crap he put her through after all. If she feels she has the momentum she could go for it. That would effectively split the Democratic vote down the middle.

You may say. “Wouldn’t this just favor McCain?’ and it could potentially. But with the dems split it would be theoretically possible to take the presidency with 25% of the popular vote. Republicans would run away from McCain and toward Barr so fast it would make your head spin. The only reason so many republicans are sticking with McCain is because they see it as the lesser of two evils. With the dems split voting for a 3rd party candidate wouldn’t be “throwing your vote away”. It would be a legitimate choice. Barr could also pick up votes from civil liberties democrats who would be sick of the fighting between Obama and Hillary. And don’t forget about the millions who sit home every election cycle because they are tired of picking the lesser of two evils. They could come out in droves!

While this scenario is a extreme longshot, probably the product of my having to much free time today. It would be nice to see it play out this way. I wonder what kind of odds I could get from Vegas on this? Maybe I’ll call Wayne Allyn Root and ask him!

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Who’s to blame for the mortgage crisis?

Those of you who have read my blog in the past know I like to blame alot of things on big government mismanagement. This time they get off the hook a little bit. The only thing they are responsible for as far as the mortgage meltdown is concerned is lulling people into a false sense of security.

People know that big government regulates virtually every business enterprise in our “free” society. People think because of these regulations they are immune from being ripped off. Especially on what is the biggest most important purchase you may ever make. Many have now learned the sad truth that government regulations are ineffective.

That being said. In most cases the blame here lies on the consumer.Yes that’s right, people who didn’t do their homework and made a bad uneducated decision. People believed the mortgage broker when he was telling people they could afford something they couldn’t. People believed the broker when he told them the adjustable rate was the way to go. Mortgage brokers are paid on commission! Basic common sense should tell people that anyone who makes commission is going to try to make a sale so they can make money! There are always “snake oil salesman” who are more that happy to drive you to financial ruin if it makes them a few bucks. Their methods got past the regulators, and guess what? When the regulators finally catch up the methods will have changed again! You have to look out for your own well being. If you don’t think you can afford something DON’T BUY IT! Especially a home, check out your options before jumping in the shark tank. This goes when dealing with any commission based salesman, from mortgage brokers to stock brokers to car salesman all the way down the telemarketer that calls you when you’re eating dinner.

I don’t feel bad for anyone who got stuck with a adjustable mortgage. You gambled and you lost, no different than the blackjack table. Even with my paltry public high school education I could see that was a suckers bet. I bought my house in February of last year. My scumbag broker laid all the options out in front of me. The adjustable, the interest only etc and he sort of mentioned under his breath there was a fixed rate option available. He started pushing real hard for the adjustable, telling me how great it was and that I could refi to a fixed after a few years ect. That immediately set off alarm bells in my head. I asked myself “Why is he pushing this so hard on me?” I suspected he made a higher commission on the ARM’s and I later found out from a friend who used to be in the business that I was right. The “ARM” would have saved me $60 a month for 3 years and then the rate shot up to god knows what. By my math $60 times 36 months = $2,160. That’s what I would have saved over 3 years. Closing costs on refinances are somewhere in the range of $5,000. So over the course of 3 years I would have spent $2,840 MORE!!! to gamble with my financial future. And everyone who got stuck with one of these bad products would have known as much if not more than me if they had done their research.

The bottom line sounds cruel and thoughtless. Perhaps it is but it needs to be done. The people and banks who made these bad deals need to be allowed to go down. No bailouts for people or private businesses that made bad choices. I don’t want my taxes to pay for people not being prepared. I prepared myself, why do I have to pay for the repercussions of others mistakes?

I understand there are some people out there who were legitimately defrauded by crooked mortgage brokers and this post obviously doesn’t apply to them. They should use the full power of the civil and criminal court system against those who perpetrated this fraud.

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Ron Paul hits # 1 on

Dr. Ron Paul’s new book “The Revolution : a Manifesto” has reached # 1 on the bestseller list according to this L.A. Times blog The blog also states that the book will be # 7 on the new york times bestsellers list. Not bad for a guy most people in the media labeled a “kook”. Go Get em Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!!

If only all of these book purchasers had actually gone down to the polls and cast a ballot………..


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Does Hillary Clinton think we are stupid?

I’m thinking the answer is yes. How else can you seriously propose to suspend the gasoline tax, and impose another tax to replace it. She said “We will pay for it by imposing a windfall profits tax on the big oil companies,” in order to recoup the tax revenue lost. Now I’m not exactly a economics professor but 99.9% of the time when a company is taxed they build that tax into the price of their product. They don’t let their profits take a hit, they pass the buck to us. So in affect her “gas tax holiday” accomplishes nothing but making the tax indirect. Nice try Hilrod.

you can find the story here

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Bob Barr speaks on the issues in a video interview has posted a video of potential Libertarian party candidate Bob Barr. It’s about 15 minutes long and covers a number of potent issues including the patriot act, the war in Iraq, the war on drugs and other issues important to libertarians and everyone else. I think he answers alot of the questions and concerns libertarians have about him. I personally am satisfied with alot of the answers, I know some of you will not be but I think most will be happy with it. Check it out it is well worthwhile. Just follow the link below.

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