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Who’s to blame for the mortgage crisis?

Those of you who have read my blog in the past know I like to blame alot of things on big government mismanagement. This time they get off the hook a little bit. The only thing they are responsible for as far as the mortgage meltdown is concerned is lulling people into a false sense of security.

People know that big government regulates virtually every business enterprise in our “free” society. People think because of these regulations they are immune from being ripped off. Especially on what is the biggest most important purchase you may ever make. Many have now learned the sad truth that government regulations are ineffective.

That being said. In most cases the blame here lies on the consumer.Yes that’s right, people who didn’t do their homework and made a bad uneducated decision. People believed the mortgage broker when he was telling people they could afford something they couldn’t. People believed the broker when he told them the adjustable rate was the way to go. Mortgage brokers are paid on commission! Basic common sense should tell people that anyone who makes commission is going to try to make a sale so they can make money! There are always “snake oil salesman” who are more that happy to drive you to financial ruin if it makes them a few bucks. Their methods got past the regulators, and guess what? When the regulators finally catch up the methods will have changed again! You have to look out for your own well being. If you don’t think you can afford something DON’T BUY IT! Especially a home, check out your options before jumping in the shark tank. This goes when dealing with any commission based salesman, from mortgage brokers to stock brokers to car salesman all the way down the telemarketer that calls you when you’re eating dinner.

I don’t feel bad for anyone who got stuck with a adjustable mortgage. You gambled and you lost, no different than the blackjack table. Even with my paltry public high school education I could see that was a suckers bet. I bought my house in February of last year. My scumbag broker laid all the options out in front of me. The adjustable, the interest only etc and he sort of mentioned under his breath there was a fixed rate option available. He started pushing real hard for the adjustable, telling me how great it was and that I could refi to a fixed after a few years ect. That immediately set off alarm bells in my head. I asked myself “Why is he pushing this so hard on me?” I suspected he made a higher commission on the ARM’s and I later found out from a friend who used to be in the business that I was right. The “ARM” would have saved me $60 a month for 3 years and then the rate shot up to god knows what. By my math $60 times 36 months = $2,160. That’s what I would have saved over 3 years. Closing costs on refinances are somewhere in the range of $5,000. So over the course of 3 years I would have spent $2,840 MORE!!! to gamble with my financial future. And everyone who got stuck with one of these bad products would have known as much if not more than me if they had done their research.

The bottom line sounds cruel and thoughtless. Perhaps it is but it needs to be done. The people and banks who made these bad deals need to be allowed to go down. No bailouts for people or private businesses that made bad choices. I don’t want my taxes to pay for people not being prepared. I prepared myself, why do I have to pay for the repercussions of others mistakes?

I understand there are some people out there who were legitimately defrauded by crooked mortgage brokers and this post obviously doesn’t apply to them. They should use the full power of the civil and criminal court system against those who perpetrated this fraud.


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Ron Paul hits # 1 on

Dr. Ron Paul’s new book “The Revolution : a Manifesto” has reached # 1 on the bestseller list according to this L.A. Times blog The blog also states that the book will be # 7 on the new york times bestsellers list. Not bad for a guy most people in the media labeled a “kook”. Go Get em Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!!

If only all of these book purchasers had actually gone down to the polls and cast a ballot………..


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Does Hillary Clinton think we are stupid?

I’m thinking the answer is yes. How else can you seriously propose to suspend the gasoline tax, and impose another tax to replace it. She said “We will pay for it by imposing a windfall profits tax on the big oil companies,” in order to recoup the tax revenue lost. Now I’m not exactly a economics professor but 99.9% of the time when a company is taxed they build that tax into the price of their product. They don’t let their profits take a hit, they pass the buck to us. So in affect her “gas tax holiday” accomplishes nothing but making the tax indirect. Nice try Hilrod.

you can find the story here

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Bob Barr speaks on the issues in a video interview has posted a video of potential Libertarian party candidate Bob Barr. It’s about 15 minutes long and covers a number of potent issues including the patriot act, the war in Iraq, the war on drugs and other issues important to libertarians and everyone else. I think he answers alot of the questions and concerns libertarians have about him. I personally am satisfied with alot of the answers, I know some of you will not be but I think most will be happy with it. Check it out it is well worthwhile. Just follow the link below.

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The main reason why we can’t have universal health care

There are several reasons universal health care will not work in the United States. The principle universal truth is government fucks up everything it touches.  That’s a truth we all know whether we want to admit it or not. I dare you to find me one government bureaucracy that performs efficiently. All government projects are endless money pits. Universal health care would replace social security as the granddaddy of them all.  

Government would be nothing more than a “blank check” for doctors and hospitals to charge whatever they want for their services.  We’ve all seen the 60 minutes and 20/20 specials on our governments at various levels blowing our tax money. They buy tools for more than 100 dollars a piece that you can find at your local hardware store for 14.99. And we want to let these clowns control our health care???? Do you think they would respect our money because it’s for health care instead of tools? They would just rubber stamp any hospital bill that comes along and pass the bill along to me and you the taxpaying sucker.

The democrats say universal health care will control the prices. They are nuts. Prices would skyrocket. It just wouldn’t come directly out of your pocket. It would be deducted from your paychecks before you ever see it.

I personally blame insurance for most of the current high costs. Most people just pay their co-pays and don’t think twice about the real cost of it. If there was no insurance: doctors, hospitals and drug companies would have to compete with each other to drive down the price to where most could afford to buy it out of pocket. Now they can charge virtually anything they want because a very high percentage of people have health insurance from their employer. As long as the consumer only bears a fraction of the out of pocket cost they will think everything is ok. Personally I would rather have the money that my boss spends on my insurance policy and take my chances but I don’t have that option. 

The free market is the only thing that can salvage our health care system and we should set it free.  

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Update on the Bob Barr campaign

it’s a good read check it out

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Why is our government involved in marriage

A big deal has been made about whether or not gay people should be permitted to have a legal marriage. I believe the more important question is : why is there legal marriage in the first place? Marriage should be between the involved parties and whatever gods they worship if any. What is the need for a legal contract? In a free society what right does a government have to tell consenting adults who they may or may not marry? Who is the government to tell consenting adults they cannot engage in polygamy? If they freely choose to do so. I’m not defending the child molesters in Texas by any means. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Polygamy has been around since the dawn of time. Just read the old testament. Who are we to tell consenting adults they cannot engage in this activity?

By taking the contract out of marriage we can make divorce a private matter that doesn’t involve our court system. Millions upon millions of dollars are wasted in courtroom divorce proceedings every year. Without big brother in the picture couples would be forced to come up with a solution on how to divide combined assets. If no agreement could be reached a independent arbitrator could be brought in at their expense, not ours.

At the very least this should be a issue for individual states to decide. States can better represent the will of the people who live in their individual states. If someone is so passionate about this issue they can move to a state that represents their

As usual the solution to the problem can be found by taking government out of the equation.

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What a mess

Are you freakin kidding me?

 We are the most powerful, wealthiest nation in the world. There are about 300 million people within our borders. And you mean to tell me we can’t come up with anything better than the 3 stooges we’ve narrowed ourselves down too in our major party primaries?

What we’ve managed to snag ourselves are: two socialists and one big spending freedom limiting war waging maniac. Voting for the major party candidates this year is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded weapon.

This has been a wacky presidential season from early on. From the get go on the Democrat side it was Obama and Hillary. They didn’t have much competition. Richardson and Edwards made some noise but that petered out. And on the Republican side John McCain was pretty much the nominee by default. Mitt Romney looked and sounded like a Wall St. stock broker that leapt forward in time from 1986. Mike Huckleberry looked and sounded like the bible thumping yahoo he is. My boy Ron Paul never had a snowballs chance in hell because he’s trying to bring a party back to roots it has long forgotten. The current crop of bible thumping, big spending, morality dictating and foreign manipulating republicans have no interest in his Libertarian message of freedom and limited government.

But I digress. What we are left with is a cranky old man who may just wake up one day and want to bomb Uruguay. We have a shape shifting lady strait out of the xmen movies who changes her shape and beleifs in accordance with what the polls say. And we have a guy who beleives we need a change……. to socialism.

In our time of greatest need. In a time of war and economic trouble THIS IS ALL WE GOT!?!!?!? We need a strong libertarian candidate. Look in my other posts I make what I think is a good case for Bob Barr.

It is time to eject the Republican and Democrat monopoly. Find a 3rd party that represents what you beleive in. Wether it’s the greens, the reform party the socialist party or my personal political affiliate the libertarian party find one of them. Just do a google search for political parties there are plenty. is a good resource also.

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Why Bob Barr should be the Libertarian candidate


Why Bob Barr should be the Libertarian candidate

I would like to start by saying in any other election season I would be pulling for Mary Ruwart big time. I love what she stands for but I think right now is the time for Bob Barr.

Bob Barr can accomplish more for the Libertarian party in this election than all of his predecessors combined. His exploratory committee polled him at 7% while zogby polled him at 2%. He has a level of mainstream traction without even announcing his candidacy. It is safe to say he will receive more face time with the media then his predecessors or opponents. He’s already been on a couple of programs including fox news prime time “Hannityand Colmes”. Although that nazi bastard Sean Hannity wouldn’t let him talk. If he’s polling well enough he could even manage to sneak into the debates as Ross Perot did. He can expose a world of people who have never heard of the Libertarian party to our message. There are alot of people with Libertarian ideals who think they are Republicans or Democrats. So many out there are stuck on the idea that there are only two viable parties and Bob could shake all that up in a big way. From what I’ve seen the media is in love with Barak Obama. They could give Bob Barr alot of publicity if they think it will eat away at McCain. Besides, the media loves a good show and likes to make it interesting. More publicity for Barr is good for every other Libertarian running for all levels of office nationwide. The more the word gets out about our principles the more people will like what they hear.

Bob will bring the Paulites. Ron Paul’s supporters of which I can count myself will support Bob Barr. Will they support other LP candidates? I’m not sure a percentage of them probably will but many will go back to their dorms and stay home election day or write in Ron’s name which will not accomplish much. The Paulites bring alot of energy and generous campaign donations. Bob Barr will have a bankroll the likes of which the libertarian party has never seen. I suspect it would be possible for Dr. Paul to endorse Bob Barr after the Republican convention. Mr. Barr also has the respect of alot of pissed off Republican voters who can’t stomach McCain. He could be a viable outlet for them to cast protest votes.

If Bob Barr can have some measure of success such as getting 10% of the popular vote. I beleive 10% is a reachable number just with the paulites and pissed off Republicans. Or maybe just maybe (I’m probably dreaming) take a libertarian leaning state like Alaska or Montana it would solve our ballot access problems for years to come.

I’m not a fan of some things he’s done in the past. He has gone a long ways toward redeeming himself. He’s worked with the ACLU. He’s worked with Marijuana groups. He’s worked with the NRA. I believe in his conversion because I underwent a similar one about 6 years ago. He’s burnt his bridges with the GOP. He’s introduced Al Gore of all people at a function. He has stood behind Ron Paul’s campaign and introduced him at CPAC. He’s railed against the Bush administration several times. He’s been against the Patriot Act, even though he voted for it on the condition that it include a sunset clause. Any one of those is more than enough to get your membership in the GOP permanently revoked.

Even if he isn’t in perfect lockstep with the platform I’d say he’s at least 90% let’s not let the other 10% get in the way. I know he’s come out in favor of the “fair tax” that we all hate but we will not go from all the taxes we have now to no taxes overnight. I think the “fair tax” is probably a way to “ween” government and people off of taxes. I think it would produce far less revenue for the federal government which would force them to live within a smaller budget by eliminating programs. After that we can continue to take it further. We have a chance to make a impact and to bring our party into the limelight and advance our cause. Put our views up to mainstream scrutiny and see if we pass the test. I suspect we shall.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment on whatever the hell you feel like. I would never dream of restricting anyones first amendment rights. I do ask however for some constructive criticism this is my first blog let me know what you think!

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