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My Blog has moved!

I have purchased my own domain at I will be posting there from now on. I am in the process of moving my old posts over there right now. Please stop by and read some new posts I have written about the republican party and about Jesse Ventura’s possible Senate run.

Thank you for reading, I hope you join me at my new home!


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Bob Barr’s campaign manager speaks


Bob’s campaign manager speaks on how the race is shaping up. He speculates on what Ron Paul could have acheived if he had gone Libertarian instead of staying in the republican race. He compares Bob Barr’s bid to Ross Perot’s 1992 run. It’s a good read, the link is below check it out

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Bob Barr Polling at 6% nationally according to Rasmussen

A few weeks ago it was at 4% now it’s at 6%! We’re making strides, if we can get that up to 8 or 9% by the time the major parties have their conventions Bob could into the debates and let the whole world see the libertarian perspective on the big stage. Very exciting. Here is the link

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Limbaugh coming out against the neocons?

My line of work affords me ample opportunity to listen to the radio. I was cruising the stations on Friday and came across Limbaugh’s program. I listen in occasionally to see what he’s ranting and raving about. Sometimes it gives me things to write about on this blog. I don’t agree with alot of his positions but he can be entertaining at times. Much to my surprise at approximately 12:30 eastern time yesterday he went into a tirade against neocons! He didn’t mention anyone by name I don’t think but said something along the lines of “Neocons have infiltrated the republican party and are destroying it”. He said most of them are “former democrats” and other big government “compassionate conservatives”. I find that amusing because Bush described himself has a “compassionate conservative” when he was running in 2000. And Limbaugh is always making excuses for W. Think maybe Rush has finally seen the light? I don’t know. But one can only hope. I know from years of on and off listening that he is a “Goldwater conservative”. So I hope his values finally won out over party loyalty. Like him or not he has alot of pull with people. When he speaks his mind alot of things he says sound like things Ron Paul says except for the war on terror and other “social conservative” things. But he would never admit to liking Ron Paul. They would drum him out of the party and insert Sean Hitler Hannity in his place. I only caught the last 60 seconds or so of this tirade against neocons so if anyone heard the whole thing please comment below or if you have audio post a link!

Also on another note Rush fielded a call from a woman the other day, Wednesday or Thursday where the woman said something along the lines of “Instead of operation chaos (Limbaugh’s attempt to keep Hillary in the race) you should be having all of us switch our party affiliation to Libertarian”. Rush, sounding a little like Ron Paul and said (paraphrasing) ” I don’t think a third party is the answer we need to fix this from the inside” then he lamented on the direction the republican party is going in and talking about needing to fix it while not really going into any great detail.

These are just a few interesting things I heard from a guy I thought was onboard with the neocon uprising. If Rush keeps this up it could spell doom for McCain. His listeners are very loyal and will do just about anything he wants. If he keeps going on like this people will leave McCain and where will they turn? Probably to Bob Barr!

May 17, 2008 Posted by | Politics, Uncategorized | , , , , , , | 1 Comment reporting Bob Barr could officially announce his candidacy on monday! is reporting that Bob Barr will make it official on Monday “according to a source familiar with his plans”.

This is good news for us libertarians this year. We may finally be able to make a impact regarding the presidential race. I hold little to no delusions of being able to win, but I’ll settle for making a statement.
The link to the story is below. I am also posting the link to my blog post on why I think Bob Barr should be the LP candidate

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