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Bob Barr vs. the radical Libertarians

I’ve seen alot of blogs on the internet by hardcore radical LPers suggesting they wont accept Barr as the nominee. I find this to be ridiculous. Has Bob done things in the past that aren’t libertarian? Absolutely. Does he hold some positions now that aren’t 100 % in line with the LP? Yes.

Is he our best chance for achieving legitimacy in the eyes of millions of voters? YES! Like it or not Americans will never take us seriously until we achieve some level of success. Bob will deliver far more voters than we’ve ever had. If his polling numbers are good he could sneak into a debate. In the 2 days since he’s officially announced his candidacy he’s garnered more media attention than the LP has had since the 80’s. In the past two days Bob Barr has had stories written about him in every major newspaper in the country. He’s been on the nationally televised Glenn Beck program on headline news. Glenn said he’d like to have Bob back to go more in depth in the future. He’ll make more “talking head” show appearances in the coming weeks i’m sure. There is no one else who can deliver our ideals to the masses the way he can. I like Ruwart personally, but if we run her what happens? Another 400,000 votes and what? The same old dog and pony show we always get from the major parties. I say make Mary the veep so that when people take a look at Barr, they will look at her too and can see the “radical” point of view.

 We have a handful of mayors and city councilmen in office but that means squat in changing the course toward totalitarianism that we are on now with the major parties. Ross Perot was able to tap into a large amount of dissatisfaction with the major parties back in the 90’s unfortunately for him he was unable to capitalize on it afterwards. His party imploded when it was invaded by Pat Buchanan. Our party is established, We’ve been around for 37 years. We have the capability to transfer large amounts of public interest into future success. We can’t pass on this opportunity. We can no longer afford to sit on our high horses and laugh at the idiots who are destroying this country while we slide deeper into socialism. Bob Barr gaining success and notoriety on our behalf can only help us in the future.

 The time to act is now! Ron Paul opened the door now we need to rush in before it closes.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on this! As a delegates to the LP national convention, my wife and I are going to be there to cast our votes for Bob Barr!!

    Comment by James2 | May 14, 2008

  2. I completely agree with you. I was involved in the LP in 1988. However, it didn’t take me long to leave because the LP is more interesting in being a debating society than it is in winning elections and making change. If you nominate Barr, my view would change and I’d get involved again.

    Comment by ericbl | May 18, 2008

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