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South Florida mayors want to secede from the state?

Ah… My local big government liberal politicians are making noise again! For those of you who do not live in Florida and may have caught wind of it on the national news I’ll take you through it.

The southeastern part of the state of Florida where I live is where the bulk of the population, and the bulk of the money (very little of it mine) resides. We pay more taxes to the state than people in the rest of state. Our local politicians say we aren’t getting the money back that we put in.

That made me stop and think… Isn’t this what big government liberals are all about in the first place??? Except this time it is US who are rich being stolen from to fund government programs for the poor. They don’t like it much when the script is flipped on them.

This is just makes me realize the futility of our local governments. They can’t do anything right but people still have no problem with giving them money. They even seem to have forgotten about the 2000 election that they so royally screwed up. For those of you who do not reside here. We non big government locals often refer to our region as “The people’s republic of South Florida.” Government is everywhere here and most of us just live with it.

Recently in our state we had a vote on the”Homestead Exemption”. That gives homeowners a chance to lower their property taxes by making a certain percent of your home’s value immune from taxation. For example if you have a 200,000 dollar house your taxable value would be 150,000. Our local governments exploded in frustration over this. We the people voted on it and now most of these local governments are trying to run the end around it any way they can. Some cities are refusing to comply, and others are trying to secede. Be glad you live somewhere else. This is not a good place for freedom. But the weather is nice!

Check out this link to my local newspaper,0,622463.story


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  1. Interesting proposition, for sure. I’m a South Florida resident, and after laughing at this idea, I began to consider it seriously. I don’t think it will ever happen, but I would probably support it. You don’t sound too enamored with the idea dj28. You even mentioned the homestead/tax relief item. I think if most people understood what it meant, it would never have passed. They key to passing was the portability aspect. Most folks down here feel trapped in their homes because to move would mean much higher property taxes on a new home, at a current appraisal rate. Aside from that, careful review of past proposed (florida) constitutional amendments will show how the state is divided on business, eduction, and moral issues. I’ll bet that the folks in the northern part of the state wouldnt mind being distanced from the “liberal wealthy city folk” that live south of orlando. This is my first time on your blog, and I see that you favor the Libertarian point of view. Although I am a registered Dem, I became Libertarian back in 1984. The thing to remember about Libertarianism is that only recently is it being tied to the republican party in its platform to fight against big government. Sort of the way republicanism is tied to religion these days. Way back when, republicanism was about big business, and corporations, and capitalism – today it uses conservatism and religion to fuel its base. The same thing is happening with Libertarianism. The Libertarian foundation was more about “live and let live”, you do your thing and I’ll do mine. Where did that go? It got bastardized and blended into something alot more right-of-center. I encourage people to research, read, and ask questions. Only then can we intelligently challenge our representatives in government. When it is done right, we can still have big government – but they will be in the shadows – an after thought. It’s up to all of us. Thanks for reading.

    Comment by Lisette | May 7, 2008

  2. Thank you Lisette for your comments. They are appreciated.

    First off be careful about linking libertarians and republicans alot of us will take offense! There are things within our platform that we share with “traditional” republicans and “Ron Paul republicans”. But there are ALOT of differences. I wont go deeply into that now I’ll cover it in a future post. Our common connection is economics but republicans support things like corporate welfare such as the bears – sterns bailout. We whole heartedly object in stealing people’s money to fund a failed private enterprise, or anything else for that matter!

    My main objection to splitting the state is the motiviation of the people calling for it. They want their tax “revenue”. I use the term loosely because revenue is something you earn. Taxes are something governments steal. They see recent actions by the state as a impediment to their ability to tax and waste our money.

    It’s funny you should mention becoming a libertarian in 1984. I became one in part because I read 1984. Big government breeds corruption plain and simple. All you have to do is look at the City of Hollywood councilmen and former head of the BSO Ken Jenne for local examples of this.

    Comment by dj28 | May 7, 2008

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