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The main reason why we can’t have universal health care

There are several reasons universal health care will not work in the United States. The principle universal truth is government fucks up everything it touches.  That’s a truth we all know whether we want to admit it or not. I dare you to find me one government bureaucracy that performs efficiently. All government projects are endless money pits. Universal health care would replace social security as the granddaddy of them all.  

Government would be nothing more than a “blank check” for doctors and hospitals to charge whatever they want for their services.  We’ve all seen the 60 minutes and 20/20 specials on our governments at various levels blowing our tax money. They buy tools for more than 100 dollars a piece that you can find at your local hardware store for 14.99. And we want to let these clowns control our health care???? Do you think they would respect our money because it’s for health care instead of tools? They would just rubber stamp any hospital bill that comes along and pass the bill along to me and you the taxpaying sucker.

The democrats say universal health care will control the prices. They are nuts. Prices would skyrocket. It just wouldn’t come directly out of your pocket. It would be deducted from your paychecks before you ever see it.

I personally blame insurance for most of the current high costs. Most people just pay their co-pays and don’t think twice about the real cost of it. If there was no insurance: doctors, hospitals and drug companies would have to compete with each other to drive down the price to where most could afford to buy it out of pocket. Now they can charge virtually anything they want because a very high percentage of people have health insurance from their employer. As long as the consumer only bears a fraction of the out of pocket cost they will think everything is ok. Personally I would rather have the money that my boss spends on my insurance policy and take my chances but I don’t have that option. 

The free market is the only thing that can salvage our health care system and we should set it free.  


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