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Why is our government involved in marriage

A big deal has been made about whether or not gay people should be permitted to have a legal marriage. I believe the more important question is : why is there legal marriage in the first place? Marriage should be between the involved parties and whatever gods they worship if any. What is the need for a legal contract? In a free society what right does a government have to tell consenting adults who they may or may not marry? Who is the government to tell consenting adults they cannot engage in polygamy? If they freely choose to do so. I’m not defending the child molesters in Texas by any means. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Polygamy has been around since the dawn of time. Just read the old testament. Who are we to tell consenting adults they cannot engage in this activity?

By taking the contract out of marriage we can make divorce a private matter that doesn’t involve our court system. Millions upon millions of dollars are wasted in courtroom divorce proceedings every year. Without big brother in the picture couples would be forced to come up with a solution on how to divide combined assets. If no agreement could be reached a independent arbitrator could be brought in at their expense, not ours.

At the very least this should be a issue for individual states to decide. States can better represent the will of the people who live in their individual states. If someone is so passionate about this issue they can move to a state that represents their

As usual the solution to the problem can be found by taking government out of the equation.


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