His mind is not for rent, to any god or government

What a mess

Are you freakin kidding me?

 We are the most powerful, wealthiest nation in the world. There are about 300 million people within our borders. And you mean to tell me we can’t come up with anything better than the 3 stooges we’ve narrowed ourselves down too in our major party primaries?

What we’ve managed to snag ourselves are: two socialists and one big spending freedom limiting war waging maniac. Voting for the major party candidates this year is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded weapon.

This has been a wacky presidential season from early on. From the get go on the Democrat side it was Obama and Hillary. They didn’t have much competition. Richardson and Edwards made some noise but that petered out. And on the Republican side John McCain was pretty much the nominee by default. Mitt Romney looked and sounded like a Wall St. stock broker that leapt forward in time from 1986. Mike Huckleberry looked and sounded like the bible thumping yahoo he is. My boy Ron Paul never had a snowballs chance in hell because he’s trying to bring a party back to roots it has long forgotten. The current crop of bible thumping, big spending, morality dictating and foreign manipulating republicans have no interest in his Libertarian message of freedom and limited government.

But I digress. What we are left with is a cranky old man who may just wake up one day and want to bomb Uruguay. We have a shape shifting lady strait out of the xmen movies who changes her shape and beleifs in accordance with what the polls say. And we have a guy who beleives we need a change……. to socialism.

In our time of greatest need. In a time of war and economic trouble THIS IS ALL WE GOT!?!!?!? We need a strong libertarian candidate. Look in my other posts I make what I think is a good case for Bob Barr.

It is time to eject the Republican and Democrat monopoly. Find a 3rd party that represents what you beleive in. Wether it’s the greens, the reform party the socialist party or my personal political affiliate the libertarian party find one of them. Just do a google search for political parties there are plenty. is a good resource also.


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