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Why Bob Barr should be the Libertarian candidate


Why Bob Barr should be the Libertarian candidate

I would like to start by saying in any other election season I would be pulling for Mary Ruwart big time. I love what she stands for but I think right now is the time for Bob Barr.

Bob Barr can accomplish more for the Libertarian party in this election than all of his predecessors combined. His exploratory committee polled him at 7% while zogby polled him at 2%. He has a level of mainstream traction without even announcing his candidacy. It is safe to say he will receive more face time with the media then his predecessors or opponents. He’s already been on a couple of programs including fox news prime time “Hannityand Colmes”. Although that nazi bastard Sean Hannity wouldn’t let him talk. If he’s polling well enough he could even manage to sneak into the debates as Ross Perot did. He can expose a world of people who have never heard of the Libertarian party to our message. There are alot of people with Libertarian ideals who think they are Republicans or Democrats. So many out there are stuck on the idea that there are only two viable parties and Bob could shake all that up in a big way. From what I’ve seen the media is in love with Barak Obama. They could give Bob Barr alot of publicity if they think it will eat away at McCain. Besides, the media loves a good show and likes to make it interesting. More publicity for Barr is good for every other Libertarian running for all levels of office nationwide. The more the word gets out about our principles the more people will like what they hear.

Bob will bring the Paulites. Ron Paul’s supporters of which I can count myself will support Bob Barr. Will they support other LP candidates? I’m not sure a percentage of them probably will but many will go back to their dorms and stay home election day or write in Ron’s name which will not accomplish much. The Paulites bring alot of energy and generous campaign donations. Bob Barr will have a bankroll the likes of which the libertarian party has never seen. I suspect it would be possible for Dr. Paul to endorse Bob Barr after the Republican convention. Mr. Barr also has the respect of alot of pissed off Republican voters who can’t stomach McCain. He could be a viable outlet for them to cast protest votes.

If Bob Barr can have some measure of success such as getting 10% of the popular vote. I beleive 10% is a reachable number just with the paulites and pissed off Republicans. Or maybe just maybe (I’m probably dreaming) take a libertarian leaning state like Alaska or Montana it would solve our ballot access problems for years to come.

I’m not a fan of some things he’s done in the past. He has gone a long ways toward redeeming himself. He’s worked with the ACLU. He’s worked with Marijuana groups. He’s worked with the NRA. I believe in his conversion because I underwent a similar one about 6 years ago. He’s burnt his bridges with the GOP. He’s introduced Al Gore of all people at a function. He has stood behind Ron Paul’s campaign and introduced him at CPAC. He’s railed against the Bush administration several times. He’s been against the Patriot Act, even though he voted for it on the condition that it include a sunset clause. Any one of those is more than enough to get your membership in the GOP permanently revoked.

Even if he isn’t in perfect lockstep with the platform I’d say he’s at least 90% let’s not let the other 10% get in the way. I know he’s come out in favor of the “fair tax” that we all hate but we will not go from all the taxes we have now to no taxes overnight. I think the “fair tax” is probably a way to “ween” government and people off of taxes. I think it would produce far less revenue for the federal government which would force them to live within a smaller budget by eliminating programs. After that we can continue to take it further. We have a chance to make a impact and to bring our party into the limelight and advance our cause. Put our views up to mainstream scrutiny and see if we pass the test. I suspect we shall.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment on whatever the hell you feel like. I would never dream of restricting anyones first amendment rights. I do ask however for some constructive criticism this is my first blog let me know what you think!


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  1. There is no way he would pull 7%. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Comment by Ben Keeler | April 18, 2008

  2. I am not sure what he will pull as far as votes are concerned, I would expect 3 -5% but the big thing he can do is force the others to reappraise the direction in which they are taking the nation.

    Many more libertarian leaning people will feel comfortable with voting for Barr than for the others. If I were an American I feel I could vote Root, as he tends to be mainstream rather than an ideologue, but Barr is definitely from the real world.

    Comment by Jim Fryar | April 20, 2008

  3. I like Bob Barr but I will not give up on Ron Paul. He has my support to the very end.
    There is one thing about Barr that worries me and that is his stance on illegal immigration. I found the following in the Marietta Daily Journal.

    COBB COUNTY ACTIVIST and frequent MDJ More Opinions page contributor D.A. King is challenging former GOP Congressman and potential Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr to debate. King, who has gained a national reputation on immigration matters, disagrees with Barr’s position that illegals now living here should be legalized, and the Libertarian Party position that King describes as “open borders.”


    Comment by Stacy Wright | April 20, 2008

  4. Bob Barr is something that the LP has never had in their presidential candidate… a politician.
    Like or not only a politician can win the highest political office in the world.

    My guess is that Bob Bar will probably get 8%-12%.
    There is long shot scenario that has Bob Barr winning the White House.
    Oil goes to $150/gal and the economy goes into severe recession or even a depression…

    Comment by Tom Lundy | April 27, 2008

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